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Paying Traffic Citations Just Got Easier

We are pleased to announce a new convenience for those who receive traffic citations.  Traffic tickets can now be paid online quickly and easily. Defendants who are not contesting their violation can pay their fines with a credit or debit card online at www.TrafficPayment.com . Fines can also be paid via telephone at 1-800-444-1187. Bilingual operators are available to take telephone payments Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The online process is very easy and takes just a couple of steps. Using the service requires having your citation in hand and completing the required information such as the driver’s license number, the citation number, and the amount of the fine. The fine amounts are listed on the site or call the Court at (281) 399-2300 to confirm fine amounts. The next step requires completing contact information such as address, telephone number and email address in order to receive a receipt and confirmation number. The process takes just a couple of minutes and only four clicks to complete the payment.

The court is notified as soon as the payment is made. TrafficPayment.com recommends printing a copy of the receipt and keeping it in the glove compartment of the car to have proof of payment.

TrafficPayment.com has been serving Courts in Texas and Oklahoma for over nine years. Located in Plano Texas the company was developed by a college student who received citations while travelling to school.  He wanted to pay his tickets online but no service was available. Now he is serving college students and many others who prefer the ease of paying on the Internet or via telephone rather than going to the Court.

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