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Electricity - Estimated Bill

We have created a special website for flood victims –
Here is a statement and some Q&A facts that might help:

Many of our customers experienced flooding during Harvey, which damaged their properties and their electric meters. Entergy is committed to working with customers to address concerns or issues following Harvey.

If a  customer believes their bill is incorrect or extremely high, please call 800-ENTERGY (800-368-3749). Make sure the customer service associate knows that they were affected by the flood, so that their call will be routed to a special flood response team. If the bill is incorrect, we will work to get the customer a corrected bill as quickly as possible. Entergy also will work closely with our customers regarding payment arrangements for flood victims.

For additional help on understanding your bill, you can learn more here.


Some customers returned to their homes and began restoration work, while some are just now beginning that process.  Some elected to not return to their flooded homes, while some returned with alternative housing. If you will not be returning to flooded location, please contact Entergy to disconnect service.

1. Why did Entergy estimate my bill? The August and/or September bill was estimated because of inaccessibility due to flood waters, debris in the road, etc., in storm-impacted areas.  For areas not directly impacted, meters were not read when Hurricane Harvey made landfall since all Entergy personnel worked storm-restoration duties in order to restore service to customers as soon as possible.

2. Why would my bill be higher when I wasn’t even in my house? There can be a number of factors that would make your bill higher. High temperatures are a main culprit – it was very hot in August and September. If a customer was flooded and is using dehumidifiers, fans and air conditioning to dry out their house, then usage will go up. Also, if they have torn out insulation, there is little to block the heat, so the air conditioning will be running even harder to keep the house at the temperature set on the thermostat.
If customers did not receive their bill because it could not be delivered during flooding, or if they didn’t pay their bill because they were unable to during the hurricane, the most recent bill will reflect two months of usage, rather than just one.

Some customers may not realize they are carrying a balance from prior months.
In some cases, zero usage was estimated for customers assumed to be without power because of the flood. If they actually did have power, their next bill reflected that reconciliation, and the customer would see an increase like shown in the example below.
Customers who use My Account Online can get helpful information about their bills online, including an “Analyze your Bill” section which can provide usage versus temperatures, an overview analysis and more.

Bill Analyzer

3. How do you figure my bill if you removed my meter or if my meter got damaged?  The bill is estimated based on the number of days and using the customer prior usage history.  If you find the estimated usage is incorrect, please contact please contact 1-800-Entergy (1-800-368-3749) and ask to speak to a representative at the Flood Desk.

4. How do I get my existing meter re-read?  There are currently two options.  Contact Entergy Customer Service at 1-800-Entergy (1-800-368-3749) to make this request.  Entergy will send personnel to re-read the meter.  The other option, which is the most timely, is for the customer to read his/her own meter.  This is done by providing a photo of the meter that clearly shows the meter number and meter reading and uploading it to   In either case, the customer will receive either a corrected bill or a letter of explanation if the reading was correct.

5. What has Entergy done to help people with their bills? Entergy cancelled all disconnection orders through Oct. 11 to provide additional time for customers to pay their bills.  We also extended arrangements, including offering an up-to-3 month payment installment plan on the current balance for all flood victims through that date.  From the onset of the storm through Sept. 29, the following were also made available to customers:  Fees were waived for move-ins, reconnection of service, disconnection of service (where repairs or damage assessment were required) and late payments. Payment extensions were made available to customers needing short-term assistance with unpaid balances.  Deposits were waived for current/new customers relocating due to storm.

6. If I cannot pay this bill, what are my payment options?  Entergy Customer Service can provide the names of third-party financial assistance agencies in the customer’s area.  If financial assistance is unavailable, ask to be transferred to a representative at the Flood Desk to see if any additional options are available.
It is important to note that customers on levelized billing are set up to pay about the same each month. The same holds true for flood victims who are on levelized billing. If they didn’t use electricity during the flood, then they may see that reflected on future levelized bills, but not on their current bill.

7. Why am I now seeing a charge for a Hurricane Reconstruction Cost or a System Restoration Costs? Visit our website for an explanation of these charges.